Daxx: Part 2

Cassiopeia has to leave for the Future with her children, but wants Tremayne to join them.

He agrees to go, so they all meet at the Observatory. Cassiopeia takes Tremayne by the hand and leads the family into the time portal.

Within moments, they arrive at the base camp in Oasis Landing, a futuristic city. 

After arriving, Cassiopeia changes into a more "futuristic" outfit. They collect a few Advanced Technology items and set out to meet their Descendants. 

When they meet, Cassiopeia is greeted with a big hug and invited in. They talk about many things, including family and shared traits. Tremayne invites them all to attend their wedding in the park.

The next day, Cassiopeia and Tremayne have a large wedding in a bright, and colourful park. All the descendants are there to watch their ancestors get married.

After exchanging rings, Tremayne puts on the music, lays out a buffet table and cuts the wedding cake with his bride.

Everyone grabs food and cake, but here's so many people at the wedding, there's not enough wedding cake to serve them all.

The guests have a good time at the party, and Tremayne dances with his wife. The kids meet some of their descendants and get to know them.

They notice the people here are always happy, the place is full of colour, and large flowers spray coloured dew. Also, someone has hit Tremayne with a dew bomb, and now he's all yellow.

The kids are off to school on their Windcarver, gaining Advanced Technology skills.

Meanwhile Cassiopeia is at the Observatory searching for stellar activity and Tremayne is at the Bot Emporium designing Nanites.

Tremayne's Life Time Wish is to create a Plumbot and give it Sentience. He's Good, Family Oriented, has a Green Thumb, a Great Kisser, Loves the Outdoors and is a bit of a Party Animal.

The next day, Tremayne goes to the wastelands and harvests crystal plants. In the evening he catches Nanites, both are needed to make trait chips for Plumbots.

The kids have a new pet, a Holographic Sprite. Trisha has named hers "Venus" and feeds it a Nanite for breakfast.

Cassiopeia has a surprise for Tremayne. She tells him she's going to have a baby, and needs to leave Oasis Landing.  Tremayne is Family Oriented and thrilled at becoming a father.

The next day they arrive back in Manihikki.  Tremayne has a few ideas and changes he wants to make around the house and around town.

In the lab at the Observatory, Tremayne puts the Nanites he collected in little terrariums and stores them on shelves.  In this Bot building lab he plans to continue his work in creating Plumbots.

Back home, he plants a Crystal Flower garden with the ones he collected in Oasis Landing. He's planted Love, Rage, Kindness and Laughter, the attributes he needs for making trait chips.

Cassiopeia wants to have the perfect mind and body, so after work she goes to the gym to work out.   In the meantime, after school, the kids show off their new toys and gadgets they brought back from traveling to the future.

Early in the morning, Tremayme goes out to tend his garden, but discovers he needs to become a different type of gardener. For his Crystal Flowers to thrive, he has to imbue them with emotion.

He starts with the Rage Crystal. He shouts abuse at it, stamps his feet, throws his hands in the air and gets himself into a rage about nothing, but the plant thrives.   Next, he tackles the Love Crystal.  He thinks of his wife and becomes all soppy and romantic. He sweet talks the plant, blows kisses and showers it with love, and the plant sings. Then, he goes to the Kindness Crystal and gently weeds it, gives it water and says kind words of encouragement. The plant responds with a green glow.  Lastly, he talks to the Laughter Crystal. He tells it jokes, and with big belly laughs he slaps his leg and continues to laugh like a fool. But, the plant loves and absorbs the emotion.

At work, Tremayne has improved his Bot Building and Advanced Technology skills by designing trait chips and reverse engineering Nanites. He wants to build Plumbots to be cooks and waitresses at the restaurants. Then ultimately, create a Sentient Bot for the family.

Rigel has aged up to a teenager, and races ahead of his sister on the way to school.

Its Summer and the kids have the day off school, so Rigel takes Trisha to the beach. While Trisha plays in the sand building sand castles, Rigel chats with a couple of teen girls.

Cassiopeia has completed her Life Time Wish of having the perfect mind and body.... Although, at the moment,  she doesn't feel like she's got the perfect body, being heavily pregnant and about to give birth at any time.  Tremayne is happy to celebrate her success and takes her out to dinner at the fancy Dingy Dock Bistro.

On Saturday the whole family goes to the park to hang out and have fun. Cassiopeia can't resist showing off with her Jet Pack. She flies around the park doing loops, zooming up and down, and around in circles....

Then, something goes wrong and she crashes to the ground. Because she won't stop flying about, her husband takes away her Jet Pack and puts it in his inventory.

In the evening, Trisha ages up to a teen and changes her room around. She removes the toys, puts up posters and adds a record player.

Cassiopeia's time comes for her to have the baby. With no time to wait for her husband, she jumps on the Windcarver and  goes straight to the hospital.

Tremayne was in such a hurry to catch up with his wife, he forgot to bring the car. So they have to walk home from the hospital with their newborn son, Jupiter.

Daxx: Part 3

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