Daxx: Part 3

While Tremayne is out replanting his Crystal garden, Cassiopeia gets some interesting mail. She tells her husband she's inherited a house in Salmon Woods, and shows him the deed. Her late husband had apparently purchased it before he disappeared. This was to be their legacy house.  Tremayne agrees to move and packs up the house.

They arrive in Salmon Woods and move into their new, 4 bedroom house on a large lot.

While Cassiopeia works in the Observatory, Tremayne takes his son to work with him at the Bot Lab. He works on creating Nanites for the Trait Chips he needs.

When he tries to Reverse Engineer his created Nanite, it fights back and gives him a nasty shock.

Tremayne has reached level 10 in his Bot Making skills and makes his first Plumbot. He puts his stamp on it with his initials, then gives her the name TS-Star.  But, he doesn't like how she looks, so he puts her back in the chamber, and makes a few more calculations. He carefully follows the advanced instructions of the great Bot Maker, egureh.

When the chamber opens, out steps a new, humanoid version of  Star.  He gives her the Trait Chips: Competent Cleaner, Limitless Learning, RoboNanny, Solar Powered, Simulated Emotions, Mood Adjuster and Sentience.

Having a wife and owning a pretty, blonde female, humanoid, doesn't sound like a good idea to Tremayne. So, when he brings Star home, he gives her to his step-son, Rigel. This seems to make Rigel very happy as he looks over his new "gift".

Having created the first Sentient humanoid, Tremayne completes his Life Time Wish and is awarded an honorary degree in Advanced Bot Making Technology.

After building a human looking, sentient Plumbot, Tremayne is offered a job in Star Fleet as a Robotics Engineer. Having always wanted to travel through space, he accepts and starts work at the Observatory.

Little Jupiter has aged up to a toddler, and Tremayne attacks him with the "Claw", before leaving for work.

When Rigel gets up in a bad mood, Star tries to help by shooting him with a happiness beam. It doesn't help his bad attitude, but now he's happy in his bad mood.

In the evening, Rigel invites his girlfriend, Imelda Whitlock, over. Before she leaves, she asks him to go steady. He likes her because she's got Star Quality, can Sing and is a Party Animal.

After school, Rigel takes Imelda for a big ice cream sundae and talks about what they want to do when they leave school. Imelda says she wants a music career, maybe a rock star or famous singer.

With a day off school, the kids go to the Arcade to hang out with friends. Trish and Joss bowl with Rigel and his girlfriend, Imelda.

Meanwhile, over dinner, Cassiopeia tells Tremayne she's going to have another baby.

Back at the Arcade, Trish has a crush on Quince Planter and, after spending time with him, he asks her to go steady.

On a cold, rainy, Sunday afternoon, the teens invite their steady's over to hang out.  First, they play a few games of dominoes, then turn on the radio and dance while their mum prepares Fish and Chips for dinner.

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