Witherspoon Legacy: Part 2

Evensdale: Part 1 |

After the wedding, Tobias takes his new bride to an Island Paradise for their honeymoon. He rents a houseboat but, being Frugal, he wonders about the expense. Meanwhile, Maggie thinks about getting some sea sickness meds.

Tobias buys himself a wedding present, a brand new speedboat. To test out his new toy, he takes Maggie water skiing. The next day, they try snorkeling and find some nice seashells.

In the early evening, Maggie lays out the picnic basket on a quiet sandy beach, and they have dinner.  With just a couple of days left of their honeymoon, both go Windsurfing in opposite directions around a small island.

Back from their honeymoon, Maggie moves into the Witherspoon mansion and finds it a disaster. The place is dirty, the kids are out of control and failing in their grades and have developed very few skills.  The first thing Maggie does is to hire a maid to take care of the house while she works on her new in-laws

She takes her sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Lady Victoria and Lord Byron, to the salon for a complete makeover, to make them more presentable.

When the makeover is done, the teens look a little more presentable.  Hippy loving Victoria refused to wear a dress, so she compromised by getting some colourful jeans and a cute top. She had some of her long hair cut and styled, and allowed all the dye to be taken out.

Rebellious Byron wasn't happy about having his hair cut, but agreed to having it styled. He accepted new clothes as long as he could keep his old ones... for now.

Maggie wants the kids to start gaining skills, so she gets them all to sign up for after school activities.

Mitchell was going steady with Jamie, but when she became a young adult they broke up. Now, he likes Lady Victoria and kisses her in the kitchen before leaving for school.

Maggie joins the Investigator Profession and gets an office at the local police station. She hangs her degree on the wall and sets up as a Private Investigator.

Its not long before she gets her first case. Indiana Quatermain, a professor of Archeology, has been hacked, and he's furious.  Someone has hacked into his personal computer, stole some files, and used them to earn an ill-gotten promotion from work. He wants her to obtain evidence so that all wrongs can be righted.  Maggie, being a Computer Whiz, takes the case and goes right to work.

Mitchell and Victoria have been sent to France on a school culture assignment. They have to interview a local and write a report. In town, Victoria interviews a young French woman, while Mitchell interviews one of the store merchants.

Once the assignments are complete, they spend the rest of the time having fun in France.  At the Nectory, Mitchell tries making nectar but falls while squishing fruit.

While Mitchell stomps fruit, Victoria samples all the different nectars.

Too much nectar tasting makes Victoria sick and she throws up.  But, its also given her the courage to ask Mitchell to go steady, and he accepts.

Back home, little Beatrice goes to her after school ballet class and learns some new moves. When she comes home, she shows off to her big brother.

Meanwhile, Maggie works on a case, looking for clues in the suspects mail, unaware she's being watched.  Later, she stops at the diner for a bite before going home.

A pharmaceutical company has asked doctors to go to Egypt and bring back some Scarab beetles for scientific research. Maggie is pregnant and doesn't want to travel, so she suggests he take his two brothers, Milton, now a teenager, and Byron.  He also invites Mitchell but he refused the offer. He hates the outdoors, the heat, and doesn't want anything to do with bugs.  Before leaving Tobias gives Maggie a hug.

They arrive at the base camp in Egypt and change into some cooler clothes.

Tobias goes out and collects the beetles he needs. Then, he spends the rest of the trip enjoying outdoor activities with his brothers. At a secluded, shady lake in the hills, they all go fishing.

Before returning home, they go for a swim in the Nile river to cool off from the heat. Byron thinks of Mitchell and how much he would've hated doing all the outdoor stuff they've enjoyed.

When they all get home, Byron suggests they all hang out at the arcade. The 5 teens, Byron, Cora, Milton, Victoria and Mitchell head out to meet up. However, Byron takes Victoria's bike instead of his own.

When he gets to the arcade, Victoria yells at him for taking her bike, leaving her to take taxi. She complains about "Wasting Natural Resources" because of it.

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