Flynn Legacy

For this legacy I chose to play the Flynn Family from Midnight Hollow because I liked their biography and thought it would make a great start to a legacy.

Maggie, Cora and Mitchell, are rich orphans. After their parents died in a tragic accident, they went to live with their long lost uncle Edmund, whom they had never met, in Midnight Hollow. However, Edmund is an imposter. Mistakenly, he received a letter from the Flynn estate lawyer regarding the three kids. Since the real Edmund had died, he took advantage of the situation and became their guardian so he could take over the estate.

Part of their fortune included their grandmother's very old, rundown house in Elmdale. To escape their abusive guardian, Maggie, a teenager, took her siblings and ran away. They arrive in Elmdale and move into the Flynn Mansion.

Elmdale is an empty, English style world with a main downtown area and a river dividing the rural from the urban communities. I have build it up to include several parks, fishing spots, beaches, community lots, businesses and plenty of places to work for all careers.  For fun, there are several clubs, pubs, arcades and coffee houses.  Sims can play in the parks, relax on the beaches, swim, snorkel, and water ski. There's something for everyone. 

Let's take a tour of the new, built up Elmdale....

This is the town center with most of the businesses and work places. It also has a central park, coffee shops, diners and other hangouts. Just on the outskirts of the town is the Golf and Country Club.

Next, we have the farming section, and beaches with a point overlooking the water. Across the river is the train depot in the less desirable district. Here, poor sims can buy cheap, rundown or abandoned houses as their starter homes.

Getting back to Maggie....

After settling into their new home, Maggie heads out to the library with her brother and sister. She wants to register Mitchell in school and sign up for home schooling for herself, so she can be  home with little Cora.

At the library she meets Byron Witherspoon, a rebellious teen from a very well to do family. They discuss her inheritance while two Hot-Headed males seem to be having a disagreement. Jayme Donnybrook, a burly Fireman, has Ray Ragman in a headlock and ends up kicking his butt.

Having a couple of kids to look after, Maggie takes little Cora around town with her as she dives into dumpsters looking for things to sell and furnish their home.

On the last day of Summer, Maggie takes the kids to the beach.  There they meet and hang out with new friends while having fun.

Seasons have passed and the kids have aged up. Mitchell is now a teenager and has the Athletic trait. He also Hates the outdoors but wants to work in Sports. He hasn't figured out  how to do this yet, but starts by hitting the gym to get in shape.

Cora is now a child and, having the Loves to Swim trait, she signs up for the Swimming Club after school activities.

A few days later, Maggie becomes a young adult and receives her portion of the inheritance, $50,000 Simolians. With the money, Maggie completely renovates and decorates her grandmother's old house and turns it into a 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom, Legacy Mansion.

One evening at the pub, Maggie meets Lord Tobias Witherspoon. There's an instant attraction between them and they spend the evening getting to know one another.  Maggie discovers Tobias is from a large, aristocratic, English family and has a background story similar to hers.

Meanwhile, back at the house, her brother Mitchell is going steady with Jamie Whitlock.

Maggie wants to be a Private Investigator but needs to attend Law Enforcement training.  Also, her new friend, Tobias Witherspoon, wants to attend Medical School to become a Doctor. So they both enroll in college and go together.

First day of classes, Maggie goes through a series of physical training.  First, she works on focusing her mind by doing yoga stretches. Next, she works on building confidence and muscle strength with rock climbing. Then, on upper body strength with the Chin up bars. Finally, she works on persistence and coordination with the Trampoline.

After classes, Tobias invites Maggie to the Student Union building for a game of table tennis. Later, they walk back to the dorm together.

On the last day of classes, before final exams, Maggie isn't doing too well in her PI class. She struggles with questions about stakeouts, finding clues, breaking and entering.

When exams are over Tobias graduates with an A and gets his degree in Science and Medicine. Maggie didn't do as well but graduates with a C in Technology.

Tobias calls Maggie for a date, and takes her to the Crab Shack for dinner. First, they have a few drinks at the bar, then sit down to a Lobster dinner. After dinner, Tobias proposes marriage and slow dances with his new fiance.

Maggie's excited about her upcoming marriage to Lord Tobias. At the Eternally Yours wedding boutique she feels an old man, Willy McKellar, checking out her butt as she goes to try on a wedding dress.

After trying on several dresses, she finds the dress she wants and buys it.

Its Maggie's wedding day.  They decide to have the wedding at the Golf and Country club and invite most of their friends and family.  Under the wedding arch Tobias takes Maggie to be his wife.  Then, they cut the cake, dance and drink at an open bar before going home.

Maggie now becomes Lady Margaret Witherspoon, a rich, aristocrat with a title.

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