Hope Island Community

Hope Island* is a small, forested island situated in the Pacific Ocean. The houses are small, the people are friendly and self-sufficient. The only main buildings are a Town Hall, a Sheriff's Office, a Hospital, a Fire Station and a School. Small businesses are run by the people who work together supplying the needs of the community. There are a few houseboats and beaches but no diving areas.

These people have left their homes and moved to Hope Island to start a new life. All have background stories and a reason for their move.

* Hope Island is West Victoria Island renamed.

The Island

Now let's meet the new residents and see where they've come from and why they moved to Hope Island.

The Greenwood Family

The Greenwood family run the Greenwood farm. They moved from Twinbrook to raise their children in a small community away from the criminal element, adulterous neighbours and busy-bodies of Twinbrook. Their farm will supply the town with fresh, organic vegetables, milk and eggs.

Oliver is a Farmer and wants to grow perfect vegetables. He's a Natural Cook, Vegetarian, Eco-friendly, Hopeless Romantic, Frugal and has a Green Thumb.

His wife Holly, wants to pursue a political career and become mayor of Hope Island. That way she can change the laws toward an Eco-friendly society. She's Good, Eco-friendly, a Schmoozer, Loves the outdoors, a Vegetarian and has a Green Thumb.

Their teenage daughter Jade, doesn't want to live the same way. Jade is Clumsy, Handy, Charismatic, Athletic and Friendly.

Emerald is just a child but loves farm life, especially playing with all the chicks and helping with the gardening. She's Brave, Excitable, a Vegetarian and a Computer Whiz.

Ziggfield Family

David and Alia Ziggfield moved in from Midnight Hollow and bought a small, split level house next to the hospital. Alia was a famous fashion model but always wanted to be a doctor. Now she works at the hospital as a Medical Intern. She requested a transfer out of the gloomy, depressing town of Midnight Hollow with its crazy, strange people, to a small quiet community.  She's a Bookworm, Light Sleeper, Ambitious, Good, a Perfectionist and Neat.

Her husband David, wants to be a Vocal Legend and has started his career as a singer. He's Over Emotional, a Virtuoso, Excitable, Good, Artistic and Charismatic. His plan is to provide entertainment for the town.

Pin Family

The Pin family are ones I created. Lou Pin became a single father to his daughter Terra, and toddler son Bobby, after a house fire killed his wife. After that disaster, he vowed to become a fireman to save the lives of others. He moved with his family to Hope Island to run the local fire station and protect the residents.  Lou is Athletic, Adventurous, Brave, Nurturing, Family Oriented and a Hopeless Romantic.

Terra lost her mother at a young age and had no guidance in how to be a little lady, and turned out to be a tomboy. She never turns down a dare or backs away from a challenge. She's Absent Minded, Slob, Daredevil and an Animal Lover.

Bobby is just a toddler but loves to play at the park. He's a Virtuoso, Athletic and Loves the Outdoors.

Han Family

The Han family moved in from an Island Paradise and bought a small house in need of renovating. Devin Han came to serve as the local sheriff. He left Isla Paradiso because his wife is Hydrophobic and wanted to move away from all that water. He's Brave, Athletic, Friendly, Great Kisser, Bookworm and a Computer Whiz.

Petronella * is a housewife and works part-time as a cook at the diner. She's Flirty, has a Good Sense of Humor, a Natural Cook, Neat, Charismatic and Hydrophobic.

Phillip is a typical boy who loves playing outdoors, getting dirty and competing in sports. He's a Slob, Loves the Outdoors, Athletic and a Bookworm.

Michael likes to sing and paint, but has temper tantrums when taken away from his favorite things. He's Artistic, a Virtuoso and Grumpy.

* I changed her original name Persephone to Petronella.

Platt Family

Danielle Platt left Starlight Shores after her starstruck husband ran off with a show girl. Now, a single parent, she's moved to Hope Island with her two children Alora and Robbie. Her goal is to become a Professional Author, but in the meantime she works part-time as a waitress at the diner. She's Neurotic, Good, a Bookworm, Family Oriented, a  Hopeless Romantic and Artistic.

Alora is a bright and artistic child who likes to paint. Her imagination is vivid, and often runs wild. She's Artistic, Easily Impressed, Ambitious and Over Emotional.

Robbie loves pulling pranks and being mischievous. He enjoys playing with other children, playing tag, winning hold-your-breath contests, and riding bikes. He's Inappropriate, Daredevil, Friendly and Good.

Vidal Family

Valerie Vidal is the single mother of two teenage boys, Joel and Sean. Nobody knows what happened to her husband, he just disappeared while on a fishing trip.  Valerie moved from Isla paradiso to start a new life with her boys. She wants to be a Professional Blogger, but works part-time at the diner while working on her blogs.  She's a Workaholic, has a Great Sense of Humor, Ambitious, Shy, Family Oriented and Friendly.

Joel is a champion swimmer and very protective of his mother. He loves to Swim, is Brave, Athletic, Irresistible and Can't Stand Art.

Sean loves to play his guitar, cook and clean. He's Neat, a Natural Cook, Adventurous, Virtuoso, and a Technophobe.

Collins Family

Christopher Collins wanted to move away from all the disruptive, time consuming routing issues of his town in Isla Paradiso. He answered a newspaper ad for a Repairman on a small island and ended up moving his family to Hope Island. He gave up his job in the music business and now keeps the community in good repair.  He's Brave, a Great Kisser, Handy, Good, Friendly and Absent Minded. His goal is to Live in the Lap of Luxury.

Rosemarie is a stay at home mum who loves her kids and wants to be Surrounded by Family.  Raising her family doesn't give her time to work outside the home, so she's thinking of running a daycare. She's Flirty, a Snob, Family Oriented, Handy, Perceptive and Nurturing.

Omar is excited about the move and meeting new friends. He Loves the Outdoors, is a Heavy Sleeper, a Party Animal and a Daredevil.

Cristabel is a sweet little girl who Hates the Outdoors and would rather spend her time reading a good book (Bookworm), She's a Genius and a Computer Whiz.

Martina is just a toddler but  is very Friendly and Excitable. Most of the time she enjoys playing by herself (Loner).

Paxton Family

These teen siblings, Luke, Eva, and Jayme, came home from school one day, to find their baby sister Sierra, left on her own and their parents gone. Rather than be separated into different group homes, Luke took his sisters and moved to Hope Island. They found an old abandoned farmhouse and made it their home. All the kids are scruffy with dirty faces.

Luke is the eldest and has assumed the role of head of the house. He loves to dig in dirty scrap heaps, build and invent new things. He's Handy, Frugal, Eccentric, Adventurous and Irresistible.

Eva and Jayme are twins. Eva likes to bake and take care of the house. She's also very shy and nervous.  Eva Hates the Outdoors, is a Natural Cook, Neat, Shy and a Coward.

Jayme is quite opposite. She loves to sculpt and create works of art. She's a Slob, Savvy Sculptor, Artistic, a Hopeless Romantic and Inappropriate.

Sierra doesn't remember her parents but is attached to her siblings. She's Good, Clumsy and Perceptive.

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