Madhouse: Part 3

Now that Christopher has been certified mentally sound, rolled a new personality and is enjoying a period of unemployment, he spends his time searching the galaxy and challenging others to chess matches.

Then, one night a burglar breaks in and steals the computer. With no burglar alarm in the house the thief steals whatever he wants.  Fortunately, Jamal is awake and calls the police but it looks like he's too late, the burglar leaves the house..... but, he gets greedy and enters the workshop and tries to steal the Time Machine. The burglar is surprised when the alarm goes off, one Jamal had installed to protect his inventions.

The thief is apprehended and the computer returned. The next day, they install a burglar alarm in the house.

Soon after the break in, Christopher rolls a want to join Law Enforcement. He goes to the police department and becomes a law enforcement officer.

When he arrives home, he finds a starving racoon on his doorstep. He puts down a bowl of food and feeds the poor critter.

Lacie is still working toward her goals and continues painting. She's almost reached level ten in painting, and has mastered the sculpting skill.

Later, she hangs out at the gym with Cheri, who's trying to become more muscular.

Around town Jamal is still destroying things. Now he's at a small park and has dug a big hole with his Miner.  But this time, he's made an interesting tunnel and jumps in to explore. He finds all kinds of gems, rocks and a microwave.

At the park, Christopher has met a very sweet young lady and gets to know her very well. Her name is Talia Su, and she's of Korean/Israeli Descent. After confessing  his attraction for her, he falls in love and gets his first kiss. He then invites her to lunch at the diner.

Outside the diner, Talia asks Christopher to go steady and he agrees.

Meanwhile, Cheri has been asked to befriend another celebrity by the name of  Billy Caspian.  She meets up with him at the grocery store and they become friends.

Lacie has reached level 10 in both Painting and Sculpting, but needs to learn inventing to complete her life time wish. She asks Jamal to help her lean the inventing skill.

He stands beside her and instructs her on how to make a widget. But suddenly, there's an explosion. It seems wherever Jamal is, there's fire.

With Lacie on fire, Jamal grabs an extinguisher and puts her out, but not before she's  burnt from head to toe.

Jamal is excited to tell Christopher that he just received a large sum of money from consigning his large inventions. He's now Swimming in Cash and has completed his life time wish.

Early the next morning, Jamal goes to the hospital for his assessment. He rolls a new personality and is certified mentally well.  Jamal is now Brave, Excitable, Childish, a Bookworm, a Hopeless Romantic and Family Oriented.

To celebrate Jamal's good health, they all go to the Grind night club. Christopher invites his girlfriend Talia, and Cheri invites her best friend Rob Dean. While everyone dances, Cheri enjoys a romantic drink at the bar with Rob.

The romantic drink makes Cheri see Rob as more than a friend. She changes into a dress and flirts with him. Before the evening is over, he asks her to go steady and she accepts.

Meanwhile, Jamal scans the room and discovers he's highly attracted to Lacie. He knows she's not well enough yet for a relationship, but he's compelled to flirt with her. He confess his attraction and kisses her.

Madhouse: Part 4


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