Madhouse: Part 4

Lacie feels safer learning the inventing skill from a book. While she's at the library, Jamal takes a trip in his time machine to the past for fun, adventure and profit.

Christopher had a hard, stressful day at work and is in desperate need of some fun. After work he invites Jamal to join him for dinner at the pub. Jamal just finished an intense workout at the gym and is glad to meet up with Chris. Over fish and chips they discuss Jamal's feelings for Lacie.

After dinner, they relax with a game of pool. Then, when Cheri finishes work she, and Lacie, join the guys at the pub. Cheri has been asked to make friends with a celebrity named Yuri Ivanov, who just happens to be there, so she spends the evening getting to know him.

Being famous is hard work. This week Cheri has danced for hours promoting a club, worked full time at the stadium and had to hob nob with the rich and famous. Now she relaxes at the spa with a Swedish Massage and a soak in the steam room.

On  his day off, Christopher goes to the library to meet up with a friend, but when he steps out of the cab, he falls into a hole Jamal dug and left open.  He ends up in a strange tunnel and decides to investigate.

The adventure has left him a little charred, but he pulls himself out and fills in the hole before going home for a shower.

Jamal applies for a scholarship at the university, but he's given an honorary degree in Technology because of his invention of the Time Machine. This degree, which he proudly displays, and his influence with the Nerd social group, gives him the Good Sense of Humor and Friendly traits.

Later, Jamal gets a job offer from the Riverview Business Center. They've heard of his "explosions" and Childish nature, and think he'd be perfect as a Video Game Developer. Jamal accepts the job and goes in to sign the paperwork.

Saturday night Jamal invites some friends over to hang out and play video games on his new, state of the art, gaming station. They order pizza and break open a case of beer.

Christopher is doing well in his job and has been able to save quite a bit of money, so he takes his girlfriend out to dinner at the Crab Shack. Over dinner he tells her he wants to eventually work in forensics as a DNA profiler with the FBI.

After dinner, he asks Talia to marry him and she accepts his proposal.

While Christopher's out with Talia, Lacie works on her inventing. Jamal wants to help, but she feels safer with him sitting and watching from across the room. She finally completes her Life Time Wish of Descendant of Da Vinci, by reaching level ten in Painting, Sculpting and now Inventing.

In the morning she goes for her assessment at the hospital. After rolling a new personality, she's given a clean mental bill of health, accept for a slight Absent Mindedness. She's now Adventurous, Loves the Outdoors, Nurturing, a Snob, a Great Kisser and Absent Minded.

Jamal is not the only one who's got an honorary degree. The university has given Lacie an honorary degree in Fine Arts for her outstanding works of art.  For this, and her influence with the Rebel Social Group, she gets two new traits, Ambitious and Animal Lover.

Through her Rebel Influence, Lacie was offered a job as an Art Appraiser. She accepted now works at the Art Gallery.

All patients are now mentally stable, and are free to pursue romantic relationships. When Lacie comes home from work, Jamal asks her to go steady and she agrees. but, unknowingly, he's about to get more than he bargained for....

Madhouse: Jamal & Lacie

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