Madhouse: Jamal & Lacie

One afternoon, Jamal takes a trip to the past in his time machine. When he arrives back he's not alone. A little boy has followed him back to the present.

In a panic, Jamal takes him to Cheri and Lacie. He's afraid he's going to be arrested for kidnapping!  It turns out, the boy's name is Kent and he's an orphan from the 18th century. He went into the time machine looking for something to eat. With no family, he's now Jamal's responsibility. Kent is Clumsy, Excitable, a Light Sleeper and a Coward.

No longer able to stay at the group home, Jamal talks to Cheri about their plans on finding their own home.... in the middle of the conversation, Jamal gets a call from work. They're asking him to go to Egypt to learn the game Senet as a potential training tool for the military.  After accepting the assignment, he talks to Lacie about going with him.

Later that evening, Jamal, Lacie and Kent board a plane to Egypt.

When they arrive, Jamal goes off to take care of business.  Meanwhile, Lacie goes for a jog to complete a celebrity assignment and, along the way, discovers a dig site. Digging through it, she finds a few interesting artifacts, some money and a bottle of nectar.

Little Kent has an adventure all of  his own. He wants to learn how to fish, so while his dad is taking care of business and Lacies off  jogging, Kent finds a nice quiet area and does some fishing. Later, he roasts up some vegetables on a fire pit for dinner.

Now that business is out of the way, Jamal has some other business to take care of. He takes Lacie and Kent on a family picnic by a small lake. They enjoy burgers, cold drinks and beautiful sunshine.

Then, Jamal gets down on one knee and proposes to Lacie. After she accepts, they have a small private wedding.

A couple of days into their trip, Lacie  befriends a stray cat and plays with it. Being an Animal Lover, she can't resist adopting it and names him "Azizi" meaning Precious.

On the last day of their trip, Jamal gets an adventure assignment to photograph a floor trap. He and Lacie head out to the Sphinx and find a room with piles of rock. They start clearing it with pick axes. For Lacie, this is not what she envisioned her honeymoon to be like.

Their time in Egypt has come to an end.  But, before leaving, Lacie befriends and adopts a stray dog and names her Nefertiti.

Now, back from Egypt, Jamal buys a 3 bedroom house with the money he and Lacie were able to make, and save, while living at the group home. Jamal is Family Oriented and very happy to move his new family into their new home.

Kent feeds his goldfish, Niles. He caught it in Egypt, while fishing in the river Nile.

Later, he plays house with his father. Jamal is Childish, and loves to play with toys, now he has someone to play with.

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