Madhouse: Part 2

When Jamal finds the TV is broken, his insanity kicks in and he blows it up, right there in the living room! Pieces of scrap fly everywhere. From the explosion the kitchen catches  fire. Jamal is able to put the fire out while the others jump up and down freaking out.

When the fire truck arrives, there's no fire and Jamal gets fined 500.00 for a false alarm!  Now he's really mad, he has to pay the fine, plus it cost  him 20.00 to blow up the TV, and now he has to replace it out of his own funds. But, he's insane, and it seemed perfectly reasonable to him to detonate the TV for scrap.

Jamal has invented the Miner and instead of selling it he sets it on the front lawn and starts drilling. The machine makes an awful racket but he's having fun digging up all kinds of treasures.

Meanwhile, Christopher has invited Melvin Taft over and is challenging him to a game of chess. But, he finds it hard to concentrate with Jamal making so much noise. Melvin can see his opponent is having a hard time focusing and asks if he wants to give up.  The game continues until Christopher finally loses the match.

Its Summer and a weekend, so they all group up and go to the park, meet up with friends and have a water balloon fight.  Later, Cheri leaves for work, but Jamal, Christopher and Lacie stay and enjoy a picnic lunch.

With the weekend over, its back to work. Jamal continues working in his workshop and invents the Harvester. Now he can collect lots of scrap. He also reaches Level 10 in his inventing skills.

Christopher has invited Heather Crosby over for a chess match but is having a hard time focusing. He finds her very attractive and its distracting. He eventually loses the game.

After building his Harvester, Jamal decides to try it out. He takes it to the Consignment Junkyard and blows up the biggest junk pile. It makes a very large explosion, burns the cloths right of his back and scorches his skin.

Undaunted, he picks up the Harvester and starts collecting scrap, which has been scattered from one end of the lot to the other, including inside the consignment store.

The explosion also demolished the inside of the store, burned the consignment worker and a few other people on the lot.... although, an explosion hasn't stopped one individual from his romantic pursuits.

Meanwhile, Christopher is learning to make chemical concoctions and has discovered the Radical Reparum.

Cheri is working out at the gym to improve her athletic skills.

Jamal got into a lot of trouble blowing up the consignment store and had to pay for the damages. Earlier, he invented the Time Machine and took a few trips to the Past and Future. He found this to be a lot more fun and decides to make more for a profit.

Cheri has advanced in her career as an athlete and has gained celebrity status. Now she's been asked to promote the Grind by dancing for 3 hours. She calls her good friend Marshall Miranda and invites him to join her.

After winning 17 chess matches and losing 7, Christopher calls Flo Broke over for a match. A few hours later, he wins his 18th match and becomes a Grand Chess Master, which completes his Life Time Wish.

He then meets with his psychiatrist at the hospital, rolls a new personality and is certified mentally stable. Christopher is now Nurturing, Good, a Workaholic, Loves the Outdoors, a Great Kisser and still a Computer Whiz.  He continues to make money playing chess until he can figure out what career he wants.

Madhouse Challenge: Part 3

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