The Madhouse Challenge

I've decided to play the Madhouse Challenge in Riverview, a sleepy town along the banks of the Simomon River. Although its quite large and spread out, it has a  country atmosphere.  I've redone the world the way I want it and kept most of the original families. There's lots of parks, shops, community centers, two small beaches and many fun places to hang out. The main business center is on an island connected by bridges.

This challenge is my own creation. I've chosen 4 Insane sims, 2 male, 2 female, as the patients of a small, 2 bedroom group home. The home has most of the skill items they'll need to complete their assignments.

The rules for this challenge are:

  1. Choose 4-8 sims with either the Insane or Unstable trait (if you have ITF), and put them in a group home.
  2. Each patient must complete their Life Time Want, (which can't be a RH career, such as Doctor, Science, Political, etc.) in order to be reassessed and certified mentally stable.
  3. Once the LTW has been completed, they must change their Traits with the LTR points.
  4. The new traits must be randomized, which could result in a relapse gaining back the insane trait or worse, the Unstable trait.
  5. All wants must be fulfilled, except those related to travel, moving and buying expensive items.
  6. Each must show their ability to support themselves by being self-employed (collecting, inventing, painting etc.)
  7. They cannot be employed in regular Rabbit Hole jobs until they're cured.
  8. Before getting a job, they must roll a want for a career. (University Option: accumulated LTR points can be used to buy into the Social groups. Once Level 10 is reached, they can accept one of the offered jobs, but only after they've completed their LTW)
  9. No marriage or committed relationships until cured. If a relationship forms, it will have to be terminated, and the bad relationship from this has to be mended... which takes work and skill.
  10. Each will have their own bank account, (by keeping track on paper, buying ani's money bags or using the banking mod by Digitalchaos). So, if they roll a want to buy an item, they will have to use their own money.
  11.  Household bills must be split between all four residents. So if the bills are 200.00, each must take 50.00 from their personal funds and add it to the family funds.
  12. Any money spent from family funds on personal stuff like (arcade, shopping, buying food/drinks, sculpting materials etc), must be put back from their own funds.
  13. As they become well, they can continue living at the group home until all are cured. Then they must move out on their own. This leaves the house free for more patients.

This is the small group home my sims will live in. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a spare room set up for Art and Design. The shed to the side of the  house has a workbench for inventing. The residents are all young adults with no skills.

Jamal Akinyi, a Jamaican man who has the life time wish, Swimming in Cash. He's Insane, Frugal, Great Kisser, Mooch, Workaholic and Eccentric.

Lacie Sparks, a French/Scandinavian woman who has the life time wish of Descendant of Da Vinci. She's Insane, Artistic, Charismatic, a Snob, a Hopeless Romantic and a Savvy Sculptor.

Cheri Loomis, a English/French woman who has the life time wish of being Super Popular. She's Insane, Easily Impressed, Friendly, Excitable, Flirty and a Party Animal.

Christopher Strong, a German/Greek man, who has the life time wish of being a Chess Legend.  He's Insane, Genius, Computer Whiz, Couch Potato, Ambitious and a Great Kisser.

On their first day, Cheri tries to make friends. She's at the zoo talking to Luke McDermott, but she's creeping him out with her crazy talk about conspiracies.

Jamal works on his inventing skills, and then registers as a self-employed Inventor.           Lacie works on her sculpting skills, and registers as a self-employed Sculptor.

After gaining some guitar skills, Cheri registers as a self-employed Busker.

Christopher has gained 3 logic points playing chess on the computer. He registers as a self-employed Chess Player.  Feeling confident, he invites Henry McGlum over and challenges him to a game of chess. After a few hours, Christopher wins the match.

Jamal wanted to dig through a junk pile to find scrap for his inventing.  Then, while building widgets, he caught on fire and had to put himself out with the outdoor shower.

The group has had a busy week working on skills, making money and taking care of the house maintenance. Then, on the weekend, Cheri rolls a Want to go Bowling with friends so they all group up and head to the bowling alley.

They finish the evening by going to the Krispy Krust Pizzeria for a late dinner. Before ordering, Lacie decides to change into her Athletic wear, Cheri into her most glamorous Formal wear and the two guys change into Outerwear.

One morning over breakfast,  Lacie talks to Cheri about her share of the bills. It seem everyone has been able to contribute their share except Cheri. She's having trouble making money as a busker, her skills are too low and she doesn't manage her time well.

For example, instead of working on her guitar skills, she's trying to skate in a long evening gown in a snow storm, and not doing well.

Cheri's having too much fun to worry about making money. She hangs out at the grind, spending money on Pizza, and having fun making more friends.

Before going  home, Cheri rolls a want to have her first kiss. She knows romance is not permitted while living at the group home but, being Flirty, she can't resist kissing Rob Dean.

After serving lunch for some friends and acquaintances, Cheri completes her Life Time Wish of being Super Popular. She's proved she can work towards and fulfill her goals, an important step in her mental health.

Early the next morning she visits her psychiatrist at the hospital for an evaluation. He certifies her mentally stable. But, because she lacked the initiative to support herself, she must stay at the group home and be re-evaluated after she secures a full-time job and reaches level 5 in her chosen career.

The doctor now assesses her new personality and finds she's still a Party Animal, but is now Athletic, Frugal, Irresistible, has a Good Sense of Humor, and a Born Sales Woman.

It's party time! To celebrate her new mental health, and new job in the Sports Career, Cheri throws a formal party at the Harp and Shamrock pub. She invites all her friends to drink, dance, eat and have a good time.

Madhouse: Part 2

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