Madhouse: Christopher & Cheri

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Christopher wants to move out, buy a house and start a family. His fiance Talia, comes from a very poor family that lives in an overcrowded bungalow. So Christopher arranges a small wedding party at her home, and invite just a handful of friends and family. After exchanging rings, they cut the cake and share it with the guests.

Christopher's friends want to get to know Talia. They find out she's Brave, has a Good Sense of Humor, Neurotic, a Bookworm, Athletic and Frugal. Her goal is to join the police force and become an International Super Spy.

After the wedding celebration, its very late. Unfortunately, there's no room for the newlyweds to stay at the  house, so Christopher takes Talia to a small cabin at a campground for the night.

In the morning, they order breakfast at the Coffee Cup diner before house hunting.

Fortunately, the newlyweds find a nice 3 bedroom house away from town. Christopher has enough money to buy it without a mortgage, and they move in.

There's just a few loose ends Talia needs to take care of before she can settle into her new life. First, she applies online for a job at the police department, and gets hired.

Next, after receiving a phone call from a previous sweetheart, she arranges to meet him at the gym. Talia tells Josue McIrish she just got married, but would still like to be friends. He doesn't take the news well and yells at her. Although he's angry, they remain friends.

Everyone has moved out and left Cheri alone at the group home. Her time is limited, she only has 2 days before she has to leave and find her own place. While sleeping, Cheri gets a  call on the house phone at 1:30 am. It seems her good friend Henry McGlum is dying and would like to see her.

After breakfast, Cheri takes 2 days off work to get organized and ready to move. Then she goes to visit Henry. He's pleased to see her and they hug. This is probably the last time she'll see him alive.

After leaving Henry's, Cheri calls her boyfriend and asks him to spend the day hanging out at the park with her. They ice skate, then grab a couple of hotdogs from the concession stand.

Cheri and Rob have spent the whole day at the park. The sun is going down and casting a nice pink glow on the snow.  Before going home, they have a snowball fight, then Cheri tells him about having to move out of the group home.

Rob says he can solve that problem, then asks her to marry him and move into his place. Cheri is delighted and says yes to his proposal.

Cheri's got one day to find a wedding dress and plan a wedding at the Country Club. She invites two friends, Lacie and Talia, to help her shop for a wedding dress.

After trying on a few dresses and buying one, they all go to McBeans Coffee shop for a cuppa tea, and discuss wedding plans.

Its Cheri's wedding day. Everyone arrives at the Riverview Country Club and take their seats. Then, under the arch, Rob and Cheri exchange vows and rings.

When the ceremony is over, everyone gathers to watch the cutting of the wedding cake.  As the reception continues, Rob dances with his bride.

The wedding party finishes in the early hours of the morning. Rob takes his bride home and carries her across the threshold, and into the house.

Here ends the Madhouse Challenge.


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