University: A New Approach

Many who have the Sims 3 University EP find it boring to send their sims off to the Uni world to get a degree. I'm one of them. So, I thought there must be a better way. After thinking about it and getting many great suggestions from other players, I came up with a new approach for my sims higher education.

I will be play testing this new approach, and so the credits mentioned for various study methods will probably change as I tweak to perfection. But, at the moment, this is how I've set it up.

Needed Downloads:

  1. First, I downloaded a custom Homeworld University. Not to send my sims to, but to use the equipment, buildings and custom Rabbit Hole Rugs. (Some courses and apprenticeships can only be reached through these RH rugs/buildings)
  2. Next, I downloaded most of the Apprenticeships by Missy_Hissy, along with many of her custom careers, and Degrees* (as they become available)
  3. Also, a Student Union Building is needed for some of the opportunities. I added the one from the university world, but you can get a custom one at MySimRealty. (When placing a custom SU building, make sure its designated as "Student Union" from the Community Lot listing)
*Degrees by Missy_Hissy are actually custom careers set up like degrees (bachelors/masters)

Degree System: A degree = 48 credits. To get this a sim will  have to -

1. Reach level 10 in two skills required for the degree or career.

For example: skills for the Fine Arts Program are: Street Art, Painting, Cooking, Nectar Making, Musical Instruments and Sculpting.  So, if a sim plans to be a chef, he/she would need to max Cooking and Nectar Making. Artists would max Street Art and Painting. Musicians - two instruments etc.

If the chosen major only has one skill requirement, then that one has to be maxed, and another related skill chosen.  For Example: The Physical Education Career/Degree only requires the Athletics Skill. So, a second choice to max would be Martial Arts or Riding.

Also, a sim can choose to study an "Elective" skill, which can be either degree or career related or one of interest. This elective doesn't need to be maxed but will give extra credit. Only one elective can be counted.

2. Each of Missy_Hissy's Degree* levels gives 4 Credits

*presently in testing. (List of available degrees for download Here)

3. Each skill level for Teen - Elder = 1 credit.

Child/toddler skills gained don't count. So, credit is given only for skill levels gained from teenager up.

4. Apprenticeships have three levels. By taking an apprenticeship a sim can get 5 credits per level. These are considered "practicums" and can be put towards a degree. Credits earned from an Apprenticeship are exempt from cost. This would be a good way for sims to start their higher education and gain Credits before entering a degree program if they don't score high enough on the university entrance test.

5. Travel can also gain credits. If you want your sim to learn/study in a foreign land he/she will gain 2 credits for each related adventure completed. For example: send your sim to France to study cooking and gain credit for adventures that require cooking or finding ingredients.  Send your sim to China to study Athletics and get credit for Athletic based adventures, etc....

6. Scholarship credits are based on the University Aptitude Test. (See Chart Below)

7. Working Sims.

If a Sim chooses to work their way to a degree, they will need to:

  1. Max out two related skills
  2. Take the university aptitude test (for possible working scholarships)
  3. Get a job and work their way up, gaining 3 Credits per promotion.
  4. Take courses / apprenticeship before being promoted to a level that requires higher education.*
  5. Fulfill work related opportunities, which will give 2 credit
  6. Optional: Travel to gain extra credit through completing related adventures.

* If my sims are in a career, they will not be allowed to advance unless they have the proper qualifications.

For example: In the Medical Career, sims cannot advance to Level 6: Trauma Surgeon without a degree. At level 5 the sim would have to register in either Missy_Hissy's Medic Career or a medical degree program. Each career level counts as 3 credit. Then the sim would be returned (using MC) to the Medical Career at level 9.

An Apprenticeship promotes a sim to level 5.
Promotional levels with Bachelors and Masters Degree are given in the degree descriptions on the download site.

Day Care Career:  My sims will have to take the "Learning and Child Development" Apprenticeship before being allowed to run a day care.

When the Sim has completed their Education, you can either buy the Honorary degree with the Life Time Reward points, download Missy_Hissy's buyable university degree or download a decorative degree here

Fees: University fees are $125.00 per credit gained from skills. Credits earned from on the job promotions, Opportunities, Travel and Apprenticeships are all exempt.

University Aptitude Test:

I have added custom Degree Careers by MissyHissy to the Aptitude Test Score sheet and the corresponding custom Careers for each one. When the Sim takes the test and is awarded a scholarship in one of the EA Majors, you can choose to take that scholarship and apply it to one of the Custom Degree Careers in that category. Then, once a degree is complete, assign the sim to one of the corresponding custom Careers.

Please Note: Most of the Custom Degree Careers are in progress and not available at the moment. A link will be posted as soon as they become available.

Degrees available for download:

My Students: I've chosen 3 test students. Follow their progress HERE.

Please Note: All Opportunities are completed through the building rabbit holes. Pictures of opportunities being completed are for story telling purposes and realism.

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2 Responses to University: A New Approach

  1. Avatar MissyHissy says:

    I have much love for this system. I look forward to seeing how the test guys fair under the new system. I like the use of the credits. This is a very lovely, well-thought out strategy! 😀

  2. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    Thanks MissHissy, hopefully my guys will do well. 🙂

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