University: A New Approach

Many who have the Sims 3 University EP find it boring to send their sims off to the Uni world to get a degree. I'm one of them. So, I thought there must be a better way. After thinking about it and getting many great suggestions from other players, I came up with my own system for my sims higher education.

This is how I plan to play this out.

Needed Downloads:

  1. First, I downloaded a custom Homeworld University. Not to send my sims to, but to use the equipment, buildings and custom Rabbit Hole Rugs.
  2. Next, I downloaded most of the Apprenticeships by Missy_Hissy, along with many of her custom careers.
  3. Then, I downloaded all the Custom Career Majors, and the Music replacement file by Roocheysims.

Degree System: A degree = 48 credits. To get this a sim will  have to -

1. Reach level 10 in two required skills. For example, the Fine Arts Program skills are Street Art, Painting, Cooking and Guitar. So, if a sim plans to be a chef, he/she will need to max Cooking and Painting (to illustrate cookbooks), If he/she wants to go into Music, then the Guitar and Painting (to illustrate record albums).... etc. However, if the chosen major only has one skill then that one has to be maxed.

2. Each skill level for YA+ = 1 credit.

Skills gained as a child/toddler don't count. Teen skill levels count as half a credit.
If a child gains 4 levels in writing, then ages up to Teen, credits can only be given from level 5 up. So, if the teen gains 4 levels of a skill, at half a credit per skill, he/she can apply 2 credits toward a degree.

3. Apprenticeships have three levels. By taking an apprenticeship a sim can get 6 credits per level. Teens can also gain 6 credits per level for apprenticeship programs. These are considered "practicums" for the degree.

4. Travel can also gain credits. If you want your sim to learn/study in a foreign land he/she will gain 3 credits for each related adventure completed. Example: send your sim to France to study cooking and gain credit for adventures that require cooking or finding ingredients.  Send your sim to China to study Athletics and get credit for Athletic based adventures, etc....

5. Scholarships are based on the University Entrance Test.

6. University fees are paid through classes taken, plus $50.00 per credit, minus scholarship credits given.

Note: I plan to add a second Bistro Oven (ani's) to my open diner and assign my apprenticing "Hospitality and Catering" sims to it without interfering with the regular staff.

Also, use the custom homeworld university and RH rugs to take individual classes and use the classrooms to gain skills.

Working Sims.

If my sims are in a career, they will not be allowed to advance unless they have the proper qualifications. For example, sims cannot advance to Level 6: Trauma Surgeon without a degree. If the game promotes my sim, I will use MC to demote him/her.

At level 5 the sim will have to switch from their present career, (Medical for example),  and take Roocheysims Career Major, "Biology" starting at level 5. When that is completed, the sim graduates with an Associate Degree, and can then be put back into the medical career at level 9 using MC.

When they are promoted to Level 10 they receive their Honorary Degree as a full-fledged doctor. (use the LTR points to get this). This also then allows them to complete the World Renowned Surgeon LTW.

Side Note: Day Care Career: My sims will have to take the "Learning and Child Development" Apprenticeship before being allowed to run a day care.

The Students.

These 4 YA men are my test students. Their names and traits have been randomly generated.

Kian Trimble is tall, blonde with blue eyes and chubby. His traits are Ambitious, Born Salesman, Hydrophobic, Slob, Loves the Heat and Workaholic. He wants to be the CEO of a Mega Corporation and has been hired at the Business center, but can only advance to level five without a Business Degree.

Mick Goodrich is short with large, protruding ears, brown hair and brown eyes. His traits are Disciplined, Dramatic, Eco-Friendly, Green Thumb, Neurotic and a Party Animal. He wants to become a Creature Robot Cross Breeder, working with plants and robotics. Mick has been hired at the Science building but can't be promoted past level five without a Science Degree.

Elias Lofton is dark skinned, brown eyes, very overweight and of average height. His traits are Genius, Brave, No Sense of Humor, Nurturing, Perfectionist and a Snob. He's always wanted to be an International Super Spy. He's been hired at the Police Department but needs to get physically fit, and get a degree in Technology before he can advance past level five.

Luis Braxton is slightly taller than average, slim, has red hair, blue eyes and freckles. His traits are Clumsy, Over Emotional, Photographer's Eye, Savvy Sculptor, Shy and Vegetarian. He wants to be a Star News Anchor. He's taken a job in Journalism at the Business Center but will need a Degree in Communications before being promoted past level five.

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2 Responses to University: A New Approach

  1. MissyHissy says:

    I have much love for this system. I look forward to seeing how the test guys fair under the new system. I like the use of the credits. This is a very lovely, well-thought out strategy! 😀

  2. LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

    Thanks MissHissy, hopefully my guys will do well. 🙂

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