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The students have moved into a 3 bedroom trailer home. At the moment, they have no skills in anything. With a heavy snow storm outside, they decide to stay home and study some basic skills, such as cooking, logic and handiness.

Elias needs to work on his athletic skills for work. He's not fond of the gym, but loves basketball. So he heads over to the collage campus and practices hoops on their indoor basketball court.

The first night in their new home they get broken into. A thief sets off the alarm and brings everyone running into the living room. The students freak out, except Luis, he sits down to watch TV while the police take care of the problem.

Luis has only gained1 skill in Handiness, which doesn't count toward a degree in Communications. He's just started working at the business office in Journalism and is only a paper boy, but for some reason, he gets an odd phone call that says:

A new adventuring team is looking for one or more sim to join their squad. Your Handiness skill could be an asset, but you'll need to be tested under pressure. To prove your skill, travel to Egypt, enter a tomb and disable a trap. You'll be paid for the risk.

Well, Luis is good under pressure, so he accepts the opportunity and travels to Egypt. When he arrives he checks the board for work related adventures. He finds one from the Cartographer's Union to visit a few tombs in the area.

Instead of traveling from one tomb to another, Luis enters the first tomb on the list, the Great Pyramid, and looks for a trap to disarm. He sticks his hand in a floor switch and quickly pulls it out, horrified by all the bugs up his arm.

Eventually, after opening secret doors, clearing rubble and gathering a ton of treasures, he disables a floor trap and completes his assignment and the Tomb Tour adventure. His 3 day stay is up and he returns home.

This has given Luis 3 credits towards a degree.

Luis buys himself a Jeep Wrangler with the spoils he brought back from Egypt. Now he can get to work without carpooling.

Mick needs to learn how to garden for work. Although its early Spring, and still quite cold, he plants a small garden and gains some gardening skills.

Mick's job at the Science Center is being a Test Subject. One of his co workers is doing a brain experiment on him, but, by the looks of her, her last experiment didn't go so well.

Elias is still a newbie at the police department and his job is to get information and "Snitch" to the police. He sits in a jail cell with one the prisoners and tries to get information from him.

I'm using my Ultimate Careers Lots for their work places.

A season has passed and the students have gained a few skills in different subjects. Its time to see how they've done. At the university administration office they take the entrance test.

He's granted a partial scholarship of 6 credits in Communications.
He's gained 5 credits in Writing, 1 in Charisma, and 1 in Photography, plus 3 credits for his trip to Egypt, totaling 16 credits towards his degree. He has more work to do before applying again.

He's granted a full scholarship of 18 credits in Business.
He's gained 4 credits in Charisma and 3 in Social Networking. This gives him a total of 25 credits.

He's granted a partial scholarship of 6 credits in Science & Medicine.
He's gained 6 credits in Handiness and 3 in Gardening. This gives him a total of 15 credits. He needs to work on his skills before applying again.

He's granted a full scholarship of 18 credits in Technology.
He's gained 4 credits in Logic, and 4 in Handiness. This gives him a total of 26 credits.

Its Saturday night and Mick throws a party. He invites a bunch of guys over for Pizza, beer and to watch a ball game on TV.  It seems Elias didn't get the memo that this is a casual party not a Pajama Party!

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2 Responses to University: Preparation

  1. MissyHissy says:

    Luis obviously couldn’t care less what happens, *lol*
    Elias, I hear you buddy. Basketball is much more interesting! 😀
    They’re off to a good start! Good luck, guys!

    • LittleLambsy LittleLambsy says:

      LOL, yes I’m with Elias, give me a game rather than weights. Luis is a character and these should be interesting to play.

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