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On aging up, Tamira gained the Ambitious and Flirty traits and the Life Time Wish of being a CEO in Business. To fulfill that wish she needs a degree.

At the university, she takes the Aptitude Test and is granted a scholarship in Business, and Technology, and an Apprentice scholarship in Fine Arts and Physical Education. She decides to take the Business Scholarship and registers in the Accounting and Finance Bachelor's degree.

As a teen, Tarmira gained 3 logic, 4 Charisma and 1 Social Networking skill points. This gives her 8 Credits, plus a scholarship of 18 Credits, for a total of 26 Credits towards her Business Degree.

On her second day of classes, Tamira gets an assignment to "Read the Class Notes and Create a Balance Sheet".  In the campus cafeteria, she orders a herbal tea and reads her class notes. Back home, she sits down at the computer and works on the balance sheet.

Next, Cleo ages up to a Young Adult and gains the Animal Lover and Great Kisser traits, and the Life Time Wish of Animal Rescuer.  At the salon she gets rid of her teenage look with a makeover.

Cleo takes the Aptitude Test at the University Administration Center. She's granted a scholarship in Technology, and an Apprentice scholarship in Communications and Fine Arts, but neither of these interest her.  She wants to work with animals but doesn't score high enough to get into the Science and Medicine university Degree program.

She decides to work at the Equestrian Centre and do the Veterinary Nursing Apprenticeship. To succeed, Cleo will need to increase her Science, Logic and Charisma skills.

As a teen Cleo accumulated 1 skill point in Science, 4 in Logic and 3 in Charisma, giving her a total of 8 credits towards a Diploma.

Tamira's classes finish at 1:00 pm, giving her lots of time to complete assignments.  For her next project, she has to "Build A Business Plan, Work on It and then Submit it".  After dinner, she builds her business plan, then works on it before submitting it.

Lastly, Viviana ages up to a young adult and gains the Ambitious and Snob traits and the Life Time Wish of being an International Super Spy. At the Salon she gets a new, more mature look.

Viviana takes the university Aptitude Test and is offered a scholarship in Science and Medicine, and Technology as well as an Apprentice in Fine Arts. She accepts the Technology Scholarship but chooses to train on the job in Law Enforcement. This will require her to take courses for credit and career advancement.

As a teenager Viviana gained 5 Handiness skill points and 4 in Logic. This gives her 9 Credits towards her degree, plus 18 Credits from her Scholarship for a total of 27 Credits.

* The original Aptitude Test Score sheet now includes custom degrees, and some custom careers, which can be found on the Home page.

Wanting to be a Super Spy, Viviana applies at the Police Department. Because of her high skills in Technology (Handiness) and Logic, she's hired as a Patrol Officer (Lev 4). She will train on the job and work her way to a degree.

Tamira's been asked to attend a lecture at the university Business building. She sits through the long lecture with a few other students. Then, at the library, she tells her friend Daryl all about it while increasing her Charisma skills.

While Tamira's at her business lecture, Cleo works on her Science skills at the veterinary clinic and Viviana works on her athletic skills. She's not doing too well, but needs to build her Athletic skills for the job.

It's Saturday night, and the girls go out to celebrate at the Plumbot Pub. Viviana and Tamira high five each other for their promotions. Viviana is now a Lieutenant and Tamira has started the 2nd year of her Bachelor's degree.

Cleo buys a round of drinks and the girls have fun socializing, singing and drinking.

Now in her second year, Tamira's assignment is to work on her Business Plan, present it and then attend a Discussion Group. After giving a great presentation in her business class, she attends the discussion group.

After class Tamira's doing her homework. She's been asked to read a book on business law then submit her coursework. Its a big book and takes most of the evening to read.

The next day, she invites her friends out for tea and cake at McBeans Coffee House. Tamira's excited to tell them she's completed the second year of her bachelor's degree, and has made it to the third and final year before taking her Masters.

Tamira had to read a text book, attend a lecture then give a presentation at the Student Union Building as part of her business class assignments.

Time for Tamira to take her exams at the School of Business. She carefully reads over the multiple choice questions and finishes the exam with flying colours.

Finally, Tamira graduates with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finance and is now going for her Masters.  The scholarship gave 18 Credits, plus maxing two skills 20 Credits, the degree program gave 4 credits per level (3) for a total of 50 Credits. The Masters Degree won't give further credit but will allow Tamira to move to level 8 in Business.

To celebrate, she takes her roommates to the Grind Dance Club and orders a round of party drinks.

After dinner, Tamira works on assignments for her Masters degree while Viviana is busy questioning residents and writing reports.

Tamira completes her education and graduates with an Masters in Accounting and Finance.

She was granted a 2 term scholarship at $2500.00 per term for a total of $5000.00.
Tamira studied for 4 terms (3 bachelor and 1 masters) but only paid for 2 terms.
She gained 48 credits costing $125.00 per credit for a total of $6000.00 Simolians, minus the scholarship of $5000.00, Tamira pays $1000.00 for her degree.

After a few days rest, Tamira joins the Business Career and is given her own office, a name plate that reads "THE BOSS, and the position of CEO (level 8). She works Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday and is paid $254.00 Simolians per hour.

Viviana has been promoted to Undercover Specialist (Lev 7) and has been given an assignment to go undercover at the Criminal Warehouse. She's to find out all she can about their gem smuggling racket.

When she completes the assignment she's granted an honorary degree in Criminal Technology.

Viviana was given a scholarship for 18 Credits. She gained 20 Credits from maxing Logic and Handiness, and 12 Credits from promotions (Levels 4-7). Because she chose to work for her degree, Viviana had no university fees to pay.

At the Best Friends Animal Clinic, Cleo examines a Wolf that's been brought in. She's in the 3rd year of her Veterinary Nursing Apprenticeship and can examine, treat and perform minor surgery on pets.  In the background a small monkey supervises.

After graduating with a certificate in Veterinary Nursing she joins the Veterinary Career. Cleo starts at Level 6 in charge of running the mobile practices doing basic medical care. She will continue to work her way to becoming a fully licensed Vet.

She has gained 15 Credits from her Apprenticeship, and 20 Credits for Science an Logic skills. She needs 13 Credits to complete a university degree.

After being promoted to Exotics Expert, Cleo gets a job with the local Zoo. At the Veterinary clinic she examines a leopard with a strained foot.

When Cleo was promoted to Exotic Expert (Lev 9),  she gained 9 credits. She took 4 credits from her Charisma skills as an Elective which gave her the 13 credits she needed for a degree. At this point, Cleo is awarded a university degree and completes her education.

With no scholarship, her education costs are:
Apprenticeship: She's given credit for on the job experience which is  exempt from cost.
Credits: for Logic, Science and Charisma (24 credits) at $125 per credit equals a total cost to Cleo of $3,000 Simolians.

This ends the testing of the "university new approach." All the students have gained their degrees in various ways at different costs. I found this very interesting and much more fun to play than the original university world. It did take longer than the 2 weeks at EA's university, but I found it much more realistic.

Missy_Hissy's degrees are wonderful to play and made me feel that the sims were actually at college working on degrees.

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