University: Skills

These are my test students. They're 3 teen friends living in Evansdale County.

Because they're teens, they have no Life Time Wish yet, so I'll let them choose which skills they want to learn and see what direction they go in. Then, each one will take a different path to earning a degree.

Tamira Soyinka is the eldest. She has dark skin, black hair and brown eyes.
Her traits are: Athletic, Computer Whiz, Party Animal and Frugal. She will follow the Business Degree Career (presently in testing) for her degree.

Cleo Papadopoulos is the 2nd oldest. She has dark reddish-brown hair and brown eyes.  Her traits are: Good, Family Oriented, Bookworm and Neat. She will take an apprenticeship path to her degree.

Viviana Rivera is the youngest. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
Her traits are: Brave, Athletic, Irresistible, and Good. She will work her way up through Law Enforcement, taking courses and gaining credit for her degree.

Its late afternoon so the students do their homework at the kitchen table. Later, before going to bed, they all study a skill book. Viviana gains one point in Logic, Cleo gains a point in Cooking and Tamira gains a point in Handiness.

Tamira wants to learn the Science skill. So, for a high school science project, she goes to the university lab and researches science. She completes her want and gains a skill point.

Meanwhile, Viviana wants to learn to fish. She loves the outdoors and spends the afternoon fishing from the beach and gains 2 skill points.

Cleo would like to get a part-time job. When she checks the computer she finds several options but, being a Bookworm, she takes the job at the Library Book Shop and works from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.

She also has the desire to learn to write, so after work, she uses the library computers upstairs and practices writing.

One teen, Cleo, is working part-time at the Book Shop to help pay the bills. Then, both Tamira and Viviana decide to find a part-time job to help out financially.

Tamira goes to the Business Center and gets hired as a paper girl.  Meanwhile, Viviana gets hired at the police department as a file clerk.

The teens are rolling a lot of wants to learn a variety of skills. Viviana and Cleo both want to learn about Science. So, as another high school project, they go to the science lab at the university and gain a skill point researching science.

Meanwhile, Timara, who's Athletic, wants to learn about Athletics and gains 2 skill points working out at the gym.

Back home, Tamira's interested in learning the Logic of Chess and plays on the computer while Cleo cooks dinner.

But Cleo burns the Mack and Cheese then has to run off to work.  Viviana and Tamira decide to dump the Mack and Cheese and go for pizza instead.

Viviana has taken an interest in Gardening. She collects seeds from around town and gains 2 skill points from planting a small garden.

Its a hot summers day and the teens have worked  hard gaining skills. Today is leisure day, so they forget about learning and head to the beach for some fun in the sun.

Although she's not artistically inclined, Tamira wants to learn how to do Street Art.  At the consignments store she buys an Art kit.

Tamira then goes to the university Art Department and takes a course in Street Art.

Both Tamira and Viviana think it would be fun to learn Social Networking. So, after dinner, the girls get comfy in their jammies and hang out doing girly stuff.

Cleo ties her hair up in a bow, puts on a cucumber face mask and paints her toe nails.  Tamira puts her hair in rollers and talks Viviana into texting boys. They both send texts, stream videos, browse the web, and have lots of fun while gaining Social Networking skills.

On the weekend, the girls go to the park and meet up with a few other teens. Cleo challenges Joe Fitzwilliam  to a hoop dunking contest. They have fun and gain some Athletic skill points.

Tamira isn't feeling well, so she changes into sleepwear and relaxes on the couch while  Cleo makes some Sweet Grass Tea and brings it to her.

Tamira is the first to age up to a young adult.  Needing a new wardrobe and a new look, she goes to the salon for a makeover and comes out a new woman.

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