University: Nursing Degree

Quince takes the university aptitude test hoping to get a scholarship for Nursing.  He qualifies for a partial scholarship in Technology, but only an apprentice in Science and Medicine. He takes the apprentice scholarship and is awarded 6 credits and $2,000.00 Simolians for two terms.

His first assignment is to read a text book and give a lecture at the Student Union building.  After class, he sits in the lobby of the Science building and reads his text book. Then, Quince gives a lecture on health and completes his assignment.

Its a Winter weekend, so the group go to Central Park and have fun in the snow. Cleo and Jayme make snow angels while Tamira and Viviana make a snowman. Quince is off on his own building an Igloo.

A pregnant Cleo practices medical activities with Quince. She's giving him an Ink Blot Test which he finds highly amusing, especially for a Vet student. Maybe he thinks she's going to give this test to her furry patients.

Later, at the Best Friends Animal Clinic, Cleo examines a Wolf that's been brought in. She's in the 3rd year of her Veterinary Nursing Apprenticeship and can examine, treat and perform minor surgery on pets.  In the background a small monkey supervises.

Cleo has graduated with a certificate in Veterinary Nursing and joins the Veterinary Career. She starts at Level 6 in charge of running the mobile practices doing basic medical care. Cleo will continue to work her way to becoming a fully licensed Vet.

She has gained 15 Credits from her Apprenticeship, and 20 Credits for Science an Logic skills. She needs 13 Credits to complete a university degree.

Quince's next assignment is to bone up on anatomy and then work in a simulated clinical environment. He works in a simulated hospital waiting area checking patient records.

Cleo gives birth to a baby girl and names her Sophie.  The next morning, uncle Deangelo can't resist playing with his little niece.

After reading a text book, Quince participates in a discussion group at the Science Building.

Back home, a senior babysitter seems to be confused as to how to hold a baby. He's got Sophie all turned around and upside down.

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