Change Clothing Categories

Sometimes when I download an item of clothing or an accessory, its not in the category for where I want to use it. Because my games are from Steam Digital and not Origin, I'm unable to use the CASP Editor. So, thanks to some very helpful simmers, who showed me how to make the changes, I'm now able to place clothing and accessories in different categories.

To do this you will need s3pe

First, if the clothing or accessory download is in .sims3 format, it needs to be changed to a .package file. Once the categories have been changed, the file can be changed back to a .sims3 file if preferred.

Next, make a backup of the package file you want to change and keep it in another folder.

To View the contents of a package file.

1. Double click on package file to open in s3pe.

2. When s3pe opens, scroll down and click on either “icon” or “Thum”

3. Now, to change the categories for this item, with s3pe open, single Click on CASP to highlight.

4.  On bottom row of lower panel, single click on Grid

5. In the Data Grid Box, scroll down and double click on “clothing category”. This will reveal all the categories the item is set to either True or False.

6. Double click on all the categories you want to change to True or False. Also, in this section, you can change whether the item is True / False for Random. When satisfied with the changes, click the "Commit" button.

7.  Lastly, at the top, click File and Save. Now you can close s3pe and either add this altered file to your game or change it back to a .sims3 file and install.

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