World Sims3Pack Files to .World Files

To avoid installing the Sims3Pack world files through the Launcher, change them to .World files and install them directly into the game.

First, you will need Sims3Pack Multi-Extracter.  A World file to convert, and a working folder on your desktop.


  1. Copy the world Sims3Pack file to the folder on your desktop.
  2. Open the Multi-Extracter program and in "Step 1" browse to the folder where your world file is on your desktop.
  3. Next, in "Step 2" of the program, browse to where you want the file to be extracted to.
  4. Click "Extract"
  5. Close the Multi-Extracter program and go to the folder your file has been extracted to. You should now see a package file with the same name as the original Sims3Pack file.
  6. Change the .Package extension to .world.
  7. Click Ok to the warning about changing format.

You should now have a white file with the name of the world and a .world extension (Sim Lua

For Steam games:  Place this new world file in the game:  Program Files (x86) > Steam > Steamapps > Common > The Sims 3 > GameData > Shared > NonPackaged > Worlds.

For EA games: Program Files (x86) > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 EP folder > GameData > Shared > NonPackaged > Worlds

To remove the world from the game just go to the folder in game and delete it.

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