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Little Houses

These are small residential lots for your sims. They are all fully furnished and decorated. The requirements are listed with the description.All these little houses can be placed on a bigger lot to extend the outer area.Note: None of the … Continue reading

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Community Lots

These are small community lots that can be use for general game play, possible Ultimate Career assignments or businesses. Each lot will list the requirements, as well as acknowledgements for the creators of any CC used in these lots. Note: None … Continue reading

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Ultimate Careers Lots

These Lots are made to work with Zerbu’s Ultimate Careers Mod.   I also recommend you download the Tuning Mod, so that sims don’t lose work performance when not using work related objects, or when leaving the work lot to perform … Continue reading

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Little Business Lots

Some of these business lots are set up to run as a business for your sims.  Although I’ve made them as base game compatible as possible, some require store content and/or certain expansion packs. Required content and links are identified in … Continue reading

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Case 4: The Cuckoo’s Nest

Sammy’s in his office when he gets a visit from a police officer. He says the doctor of the local asylum has quit,  and the mental patients have all disappeared. Officer Lehman wants Sammy to do two things. First, find … Continue reading

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Case 3: Who Are the Doe’s

This case is based on solving the mystery surrounding the Doe Family. An official community blog by producer Lisa Smith, and the household description suggests the family has a dark past. Can Sammy Spade uncover their secrets?

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Case 2: Deadbeat Dads

Sammy arrives back in Bridgeport with his buddy Snoop, and  meets the Atkins sisters at the White Swan Bistro. Over dinner, they tell him why they need an investigator. Violet has a son named Ryan. He lives on the streets … Continue reading

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Spade Investigations Inc. Case 1: Missing Twin

I wanted to try something different by combining features of sims 2 with sims 3. My Sims will have interests from the Sims 2, along with chemistry choices, to compliment their traits and life time wants.

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Mental Illness/Traits

When I played an Asylum I wanted my sims to have traits that reflected a mental illness. Certain traits in themselves are not always indicative of a mental illness, but, when the traits become obsessive, which is usually the case … Continue reading

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Married Caste:  Only allows married sims to have babies.First, set your Town Settings:From City Hall or computer: NRaas> Story Progression>Town Options.Allow can be pregnant = TrueAllow participation = FalseCaste Settings:From City Hall: NRaas>Story Progression>Caste Options>Add New Caste.Name the new caste … Continue reading

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